[Update] aibo System Software Update

aibo System Software Update
As of March 25, 2024 system software version 6.00 update for aibo goes into effect.


  • aibo can now dance to the rhythm.
    • aibo is now dancing happily to the rhythm.
    • Tell aibo "Get the rhythm" or "Keep the rhythm" and clap your hands or play a percussion instrument to the rhythm of your favorite music.
    • When music is heard, aibo may even start dancing on its own.
    • See more details from here
  • The expressions of aibo on My aibo app have become richer and now reflect the physical state of the unit.
    • It's now easier to understand the personality and emotions of your aibo unit.
    • The device now amusingly informs you of its status, such as aibo patrol, being settle down, or waiting for a command, through fun illustrations. (Illustration is under drawing)