Now you can enjoy 'Treasure hunt' in the 'Play' room of My aibo!

Let's discover treasures with your aibo!

When you visit the 'Play' room of My aibo, you can see the sparkling effect displayed when your aibo gets close to treasures.
Choose one sparkling and tap it... you might find a treasure!

'Treasure hunt' can be played once a day and it resets every day at 4:00 PM (Pacific Standard Time) allowing you to challenge it again. How about making it part of your daily routine?
For more details about 'Treasure hunt,' tap the '?' in the upper right corner of 'Play' room.

Treasure you get will be delivered to the gift box.
To enjoy the 'Play' room, you need the My aibo app on your smartphone.
Please update the My aibo app to the latest version.