[Update] aibo System Software Update

aibo System Software Update
As of March 7, 2023 system software version 5.00 update for aibo goes into effect.


  • aibo now walks more quietly.
    • aibo now walks with quieter footsteps and turn its body more naturally.
    • aibo climbs up and down small steps such as rugs and mats more smoothly.
  • You can now delete aibo photos in a batch.
    • You can now select multiple aibo photos and delete them all at once, making it easier to organize your memories with aibo.
  • The volume level of aibo's voice can now be set more precisely.
    • The volume level of aibo's voice can now be set to a lower level using My aibo app or the volume buttons on the aibo.
    • Two more volume levels have been added, each lower than the previous level 1.
    • The volume level corresponding to previous volume level 1 is now the new volume level 3.
    • The volume level already set will be changed to the new volume level of the equivalent volume automatically. No action is needed if you want to keep the volume level.