[Update] aibo System Software Update

aibo System Software Update
As of September 13, 2021 system software version 3.50 update for aibo goes into effect.

  • Updates
    • aibo Territory
      You can now teach aibo specific boundaries, setting places that you want aibo to avoid. Under map in the My aibo app, add a "chili pepper," aibo's least favorite smell, to the location/s that you want aibo to avoid. In the future, aibo will learn boundaries and tend to stay away from these locations.


      *Note: This does not guarantee that aibo will always stay away from the specified places. It is best to avoid using aibo where it is not safe, such as on elevated surfaces and near heaters, and around fragile objects.

    • aibo Friends
      aibo can now learn local dances. When aibo eats food with a friend, aibo learns the local dance of the region where that friend lives. At first, aibo can only perform the local dance a little, but aibo's dancing improves through repeatedly eating food from the same region.

    • Enhanced responses to physical contact
      aibo now has richer responses to physical contact, such as voice and facial expressions.

    • Expanded items of interest
      As aibo interacts with various items in the environment, the response to items other than dedicated toys will grow. Try picking up things in your home and showing them to aibo.