aibo Visual Programming Update

  • Added new sample projects. (using "Variables" and "Messages")
    You can find "Sample projects" at the top of aibo Visual Programming
  • aibo Visual Programming is now compatible with Android and iOS.

If it is difficult to operate on a small screen such as a smartphone, it may be easier by rotating the smartphone and use it horizontally, or using "Desktop site" mode of Chrome.

Please see below for other OS and web browser compatibility.

For Windows 8.1 and later: Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome
For macOS X.10.10 Yosemite and later: Google Chrome, Safari version 11 and later
For Android 8.0 and later: Google Chrome
For iPadOS 13 and later: Safari version 13 and later
For iOS 13 and later: Safari version 13 and later

aibo Visual Programming https://us.aibo.com/fan/visual_programming/